Quantum smartphone? Singapore created a 3 mm quantum chip

Singapore scientists have developed a quantum chipset, however, this is not a central processor, but a communication

chip that provides exchange securityinformation (data transfer) at the level of analogues of other manufacturers. However, this chip has one feature - it is a thousand times smaller than those monsters that currently exist. The size of the tiny quantum chip is only 3 millimeters; it was developed by specialists from the University of Nanyang.

Security level

The new chip uses standard algorithmsquantum communication, providing the highest security in comparison with other existing methods. In this case, the password of the cipher itself is integrated into the same data stream that is transmitted. This is a quantum crypto key. After the information has been received and decrypted, it is immediately destroyed, and the key too.


Those devices that are currentlyexist and work in this area, they are bulky, they reach the size of the freezer, and some even the whole room. The new chip has become a breakthrough, because it is smaller by orders of magnitude. Its size allows you to use the chip and all the advantages of quantum encryption in devices such as routers, modems and smartphones, smart watches and other wearable electronics with communication functions. This will ensure the most secure transactions (if you have to pay with a smartphone, transfer money), as well as a powerful encryption of electronic messages. Perhaps in the near future this can be applied to voice data.

There is another important advantage of new items overhuge competitors - the cost of production. It is very low due to the fact that conventional materials and technologies that exist and have long been used are used. Materials, by the way, are silicon.

According to one of the creators, the new chipdemonstrates the future in ensuring the safety of communications, the study has brought humanity as close as possible to real quantum computing. A new generation communication device can be created on the basis of this chip, it will be of great importance for the development of online services in the financial sector, as well as in the field of public services.

Communication quanta at work

Danish experts created quantumthe router is compact in size, which is an important step towards a secure Internet that will not be subject to hackers. The router combined two technologies - nanomechanics of photonics. These areas were previously considered incompatible. The size of the component is amazing - it is ten times thinner than a human hair, so using it on the Internet and even on a computer is not only possible, but also inevitable. These particles of light can not be intercepted, the data at some point go into a state of light, and then are collected again in electrons. And this interrupt cannot be collected by any interceptors.

Previously, scientists managed to send only a fewphotons, but now the technology has become scalable, this is the main result of the Danes invention. To create secure computers and the Internet, micromodules with quantum routers and routers must be integrated into the chips, and this is possible for any existing chip maker.