Queues are already taking over the new iPhone 11: the price of the place is three iPhone 11 Pro Max

2019 is on the calendar, but people continue to line up for new iPhones. And this year was no exception:

After the presentation of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, dozens of ads appeared on the network with a proposal to take a place in the queue for a tidy sum.

Issue price

This picture is from year to year in many countries, butAvito representatives shared figures for Russia. So, the site already has 75 such ads, and people are ready to spend the night at the stores for a week: sales will start only on September 20. Moreover, some work in whole groups: shift - for 6 hours, regularly deliver food and water, and when the duty officer needs it when necessary - he is replaced so as not to lose a place in the queue.

The cheapest offer is from 40 thousand rubles. The average cost of a place in the queue is 150-200 thousand rubles. There are also “golden” places for which they ask 500 thousand rubles.

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At the same time, for this amount you can buy several smartphones at once: the cheapest iPhone 11 in Russia costs about 60 thousand rubles, and the most expensive iPhone 11 Pro Max - almost 132 thousand rubles.

As of September 10, according to Avito, iPhone 11 took the thirteenth place in the ranking of the most sought after products.