Quick command to delete completed reminders

In the Apple Reminders application, there is still no function that allows you to quickly delete all completed

reminders. Reminders could be deleted automatically after some time, but this also does not happen.

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In fact, you have two options: delete each reminder manually or use a new convenient command.

Application Reminder Problem

Keeping long-completed reminders is not soa serious problem, but these reminders take up memory and are synchronized across all your devices, i.e. because of this they become even more.

In addition, because of them, the Reminders application starts more slowly.

You can quickly switch between completed and incomplete reminders, but there are no buttons for deleting old reminders in the application.

Thanks to the Commands application, you can finally add to your device the much-desired function of deleting all completed reminders.

how delete completed reminders

one) First, download the Commands application if you haven’t done so yet.

2) In Safari, on your device, open the Delete Completed command download page and click Get a quick team.

3) Confirm the opening of the command in the Commands application.

four) Now click again Get a quick team. It will be imported into the application.

five) To run a command, go to the tab Library and click on the cell with the signature Delete Completed. You will need to provide access to the Reminders application.

Your completed reminders will not be deleted immediately, first you will see their number.

6) Press several times Deleteto remove old reminders.

If you ran the command randomly, click Cancel. Unfortunately, the command does not allow deleting reminders from specific lists.

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