Rabbids Coding teaches young gamers the basics of programming

We've already seen a lot of games teaching kids the basics of coding, but we've never accepted such adventures

Ubisoft's new game, Rabbids Coding, with cute and wacky characters at the same time, will make youthe player to think about repairing the Rabbit Spaceship.

The game is designed for gamers from seven years. Players select a piece of code from the menu, drag them into the game area and collect them in the correct order, then launching the program. If the result is an error, you can try other pieces or completely rebuild the program.

The game includes 32 levels that teachvarious aspects of coding, including cycles and conditions. In addition, developers are pushing for economical code writing: “Any skills and ideas will help players optimize their programs by making their code as efficient and concise as possible,” they say in Ubisoft.

Rabbids Coding developed at Ubisoft Montreal andIt is available today through Uplay. If someone is interested in a greater challenge to their skills, you can try Game Creators ’Odyssey, launched last month through some schools.