Raffle of the year: fake AirPods scattered across San Francisco

San Francisco-based art director Pablo Rocha decided to play San Francisco residents, and quite brutally.

What did he do

Pablo printed stickers with images of AirPods wireless headphones, and then pasted them all over the city.
Although it was pieces of paper, they looked quite natural. Therefore, from the side it seemed that on the roads are headphones lost by someone.

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Judging by the comments on Instagram by Pablo, many have bought for this draw. Some even called the artist an evil genius.

By the way, this is not the first Pablo draw. In 2016, he spoofed an Apple ad by hanging posters with strange images - supposedly photos taken on a sixth iPhone. And this summer, thanks to him, Instagram Burger King was flooded with painted penises. Thus, Pablo Rocha avenged the fact that the company used his idea with a game of history, without specifying as the author.

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