Rainbow Six Siege Ember Rise: gameplay for new operatives Amaru and Goyo

Ubisoft showed off the new operatives of Rainbow Six Siege Ember Rise, telling reporters about the new fighters and even giving

test them on the battlefield.

What is known

The rumors were true and operative Amarubecame the new attacker. Hidden in the girl’s arsenal is a Garra Hook, a harpoon with a cable that allows her to throw herself onto the roof of a building or jump into the windows of the upper floors. In addition, with the help of the gadget, Amaru can get through cracks in walls or broken hatches. Garra Hook can only be used four times in one round.

In turn, Goyo has threeinstalled shields that can be used to close a passage or be used for defense. There is a fuel canister installed on the back wall of the gadget, which sets fire to the area around it for 12 seconds after destruction. In addition, each team member can blow up a tank with gasoline, and Maestro’s cameras can activate explosives remotely.

Gameplay for Amara and Goyo: