Rainbow Six Siege will be free for the whole week on PS4, XONE and PC

Ubisoft decided to arrange another attraction of unprecedented generosity, and this time announced a “free week”

at Rainbow Six Siege.

What is known

The free period starts on August 28 and runs through September 3 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Players will get access to 20 operatives, as well as all maps and modes.

Traditionally, along with the free Ubisoft periodwill launch the action, dropping the price of Rainbow Six Siege to 75%. So, if after a week you want to shoot longer in the Siege, you can take the game at a discount. In addition, the experience gained during the free period is saved and automatically transferred to the full version.

Free Week Schedule

  • PlayStation 4: from August 28, 16:00 (Kiev time) to September 3, 23:00
  • Xbox One: from August 28, 16:00 to September 3, 23:00
  • PC: from August 28 16:00 to September 3 23:00