Rainbow Six Siege will be free for a whole week on PS4, XONE and PC

Ubisoft has decided to organize another attraction of unprecedented generosity, and this time announced a “free week”

in Rainbow Six Siege.

What is known

The free period will begin on August 28 and will last until September 3 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Players will have access to 20 operators, as well as all maps and modes.

As usual, along with the Ubisoft free periodwill launch a promotion, reducing the price of Rainbow Six Siege to 75%. So, if after a week you want to shoot “Siege” for a longer time, you can buy the game at a discount. In addition, the experience gained during the free period is saved and automatically transferred to the full version.

Free Week Schedule

  • PlayStation 4: from August 28 16:00 (Kyiv time) to September 3 23:00
  • Xbox One: from August 28, 16:00 to September 3, 23:00
  • PC: from August 28 16:00 to September 3 23:00