Rainbow Six Siege will no longer be the same: Ubisoft has changed developers, giving the game to the designer of For Honor

Rainbow Six Siege has already received its last update of 2019 and is preparing for its fifth year of support. However, Ubisoft

handed the future of the game into new hands.

What is known

Creative director Xavier Marquis and directorbrand Alexandre Remy took members of the main Siege team with them and went to work on a new project. Now the fate of the shooter has been handed over to other “Ubisoft veterans”, whom Marquis and Remy trained for a couple of months before leaving. The new Rainbow Six Siege team has been working on the game for several weeks now, under the command of For Honor lead game designer Leroy Atanassoff.

According to Xavier, at the start Siege correspondedonly their vision, now not only talented developers, but also the community are working on the game. Thanks to this, the project has a solid foundation, and the new team will only expand the “game universe.”

Leroy Atanassoff, new head of the Rainbow Six Siege team

“We will begin to expand the “game universe”.If you look at the player experience, you need to stop thinking about exclusive “features” and start implementing inclusive experiences. What I mean is that we have to release content that will impact every player and the entire community,” Leroy said.

Leroy, along with the new Rainbow Six Siege team, have already spoken about their vision to the heads of Ubisoft, and gamers will learn about the future of the game at the Six Invitational 2020 tournament, which will be held from February 14 to 16.

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