Ranked the most popular applications worldwide

Visual Capitalist analysts ranked the most popular apps of 2019 around the world. Became a leader

WhatsApp messenger, and TikTok steps on his heels.

Chinese application dilutes in the top threeFacebook giant services. WhatsApp has nearly 900 million downloads, and Facebook Messenger has over 700 million. The latter is already slightly inferior to TikTok. The rating, by the way, takes into account downloads from both the App Store and Google Play. However, there is a separate top exclusively for iOS applications. There TikTok is in the first place.

It is reported that last year, the Chinese social network earned $ 177 million, which is five times more than in 2018.

A high position in the overall ranking was taken by another application for creating video - Likee. It is so far the most popular in India.