Raytheon will create for the US Air Force remote control for the simultaneous control of a large number of UAVs

Now the armed forces of different countries are increasing their fleet of unmanned vehicles capable of reconnaissance and

coordination of ships from the air, as well as underwater and surface unmanned vehicles.

Currently, to control one device you needone person, and the military wants to optimize this system by creating a universal device to control a large number of drones at the same time.

Raytheon is developing such a device.— the company plans to replace all drone control units with the same type of workstations with cybernetic protection, which can be controlled using a single remote control.

It is assumed that the new remote controlcontrol allows the use of both third-party software and the ability to use easily modified graphical interfaces that are common to each vehicle.

Thus, a driver trained to flyUAV MQ-4C Triton, can also control and other drones - for example, MQ-8 Fire Scout or MQ-25 Stingray, as well as flightless vehicles, such as surface and underwater vehicles, the report says.

Earlier, the US Air Force successfully tested a missile intercept system using laser guns. During testing, guns shot down several missiles launched by an alleged enemy.