Raytheon will not develop its hypersonic tactical missile

Raytheon has abandoned the development of the PrStM project's DeepStrike hypersonic tactical missile due to the fact that

in time for the military time. Now the American company Lockheed Martin has remained the only participant in the PrSM program.

The first DeepStrike rocket tests were togo back in 2019, however, the developers could not fix technical problems in the ammunition engine. Despite leaving PrSM, the company still plans to test this rocket on April 30, 2020.

Lockheed Martin, a former Raytheon competitor, has already completed two successful tests of its PrSM rocket. In May 2020, the company will conduct the first experiment with a PrSM strike against a close target.

Raytheon previously tested the Patriot radar capable ofdetect hypersonic missiles. Patriot anti-aircraft systems must detect targets at a distance of up to 180 km and simultaneously conduct 125 pieces. At the same time, the complex itself must provide simultaneous shelling of six targets that fly at altitudes from 60 m to 24 km at a speed of up to 2 thousand m per second.