Razer Kraken Ultimate: gaming headset with 50mm speakers, active noise canceling microphone and $ 130 price tag

Razer today announced its new gaming headset, Kraken Ultimate.

What is known

New received

THX Spatial Audio technology whichprovides high-quality sound. It is specially optimized for popular and new sound modes in games. In addition, the headphones are equipped with 50 mm adjustable speakers, an active noise canceling microphone and a USB cable for connecting to a computer.

There are several control buttons on the device, as well as the signature Razer Chroma backlight. Users will be able to choose a palette of 16.8 million shades, as well as adjust the effect of radiance.

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In addition to Kraken Ultimate, Razer has also expanded its Kraken X line with the new Kraken X USB. The novelty received a green backlight ear pads, surround sound format 7.1 and a USB cable for connecting.

Price and when to wait

Headphones are already on sale. For Kraken Ultimate they are asking for $ 130 (or € 150 in Europe), and for the Kraken X USB model - $ 60 (€ 70).

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