Razer Opens Its Largest Las Vegas Store

The gaming giant is opening its second store in the United States, and it will be the company's largest store. Trading

point with a total size of 2,400 sq. meters will be located on two floors.

Razer positions its store as “a place wheregamers may hang. ” That is, two functions were assigned to the store: social and trading. Ten game stations for e-Sports championships will be placed on the ground floor, and they want to make a “box” for online broadcasts at the top.

Moreover, you can expect a hall with 16 screens, which will broadcast competitions and streams to everyone who enters the store.

The Razer retail chain has four stores: two in the USA, one in Hong Kong and one in Taiwan. It is much more convenient to buy the company's products online, but the opening of retail outlets indicates the prosperity and development of the company.