Realme announced the Narzo 30 line and offers to choose the packaging of the future smartphone

In March last year, the Realme brand introduced a new line of Narzo smartphones, and at the end of September they debuted

Narzo 20 models. Now it's time for their successors - Narzo 30.

What is known

The new Realme Narzo 30 line is mentioned onthe official website of the manufacturer. At the forum, the company invites users to choose the packaging for the future novelty. There are 6 options to choose from, you can vote HERE.

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“All our decisions are made by the fans and we do the same for Narzo,” writes the community manager.

Unfortunately, there are no more details about Narzo 30, as well as the official date of the announcement. But the appearance of the poll most likely means the imminent release of a new line.

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