Realme Buds Air: great review with user review

The wireless headphone market is very saturated today. And every manufacturer wants to become part of it. Even

just gaining momentum Realme decidedjoin. At the end of 2019, Realme Buds Air wireless headphones were introduced. I think it will be interesting for you to see a review on them and listen to user feedback.

Realme Buds Air Review

In the past two years I have used severalwireless "headphones", so I decided to test the new Realme Buds Air. The yellow version of the accessory fell into my hands. And you know, it does not just stand out from the rest, the yellow headphones simply attract attention.


When you receive the cherished Realme Buds Air, onThe box will feature white wireless headphones that look like two drops of water on Apple AirPods. Make no mistake, these are just Realme Buds Air with an almost identical design and much cheaper.

A yellow case was waiting for me inside the box. The very first thought that comes to mind when you look at Realme Buds Air is a clone of Apple AirPods. This is, of course, the marketing strategy used by Realme to attract customers to purchase these TWS headphones, as AirPods are very popular.

Case and Charging

Buds Air enclosed in a glossy plastic casefor charging, which seems a little more compact than the AirPods case. The battery pack in the case is capable of charging headphones 4-5 times. The inscription “Designed by realme” is embossed on the reverse side. The lower part of the case is equipped with a USB-C charging port, which is rare in budget wireless headphones. In addition, the front of the case also contains a single button, which serves as a pairing key. The button sits almost flush with the body, protrudes slightly. The case easily opens with minimal pressure and is locked with magnets with a little click.

Headphone cavity inside the charging casealso has a glossy texture. But the platform case has a matte material that provides a decent contrast inside the case. The headphones fit snugly against the cavity with magnets below, attracting the bottom of the headphone leg, thereby holding them securely in the case.

The cover fits easily in the pocket, and the bulge inThe pocket is minimal. In the box, you will also get a USB Type-C charging cable, which for some reason is white. Speaking of colors, Realme Buds Air is available in three color options - black, white and yellow.

The case measures 51.3 x 45.3 x 25.3 mm andweighs only 42 grams. It's incredibly lightweight, and the headphones themselves weigh a little over 4 grams apiece. The case supports wireless charging up to 10 watts, so this function can be safely used on every Qi base charger. By the way, I really liked that the wireless charging function comes right out of the box. Some other companies will again tear money from customers for this tone.

The headphones themselves do not match the design of AirPods andDo not have silicone or foam earplugs. With small ears, there may be a slight problem or discomfort during planting. But not a fact. However, if you have normal ears, headphones should suit you without any problems. However, this design often causes problems when it comes to passive isolation, even when they fit just fine.

Realme Buds Air can instantly connect tothe paired device when the headphones are removed from the charger. The initial pairing process involves pressing a button on the case to charge for 3 seconds and connecting the headphones to the device via Bluetooth. After this process, the headphones will automatically find and connect to an already paired device within a second, if not milliseconds. This is achieved using GFP (Google Fast Pair) technology, and the results are quite remarkable.

Special features

Realme is a company that is always aggressiveevaluates its products, trying to match the performance of large players, and Buds Air are built according to this formula. There is a 12mm low-frequency amplifier that perfectly reproduces clear sound at a normal volume level. Headphones cannot impress when the volume level is 100% - the bass disappears and you only hear high frequencies.

The same problem arose with Huawei FreeBuds 3 andGalaxy Buds, but you can’t judge the manufacturers strictly - it’s difficult to install a driver for large bass and save a small area. At the moment, only Apple's AirPods can provide the proper deep bass at high levels, but even then we do not recommend that you keep this volume level for a long period of time.

Another issue I encountered with BudsAir, this is the assembly of the case - it is completely plastic, like other alternative options, but its lid is very fragile and flimsy. The feeling that he will quickly break.

The setting button in the center is also not impressiveits durability, but at least you don’t need to press it often - you hold it for three seconds the first time you connect Realme Buds Air via Bluetooth 5.0, and then you can forget about it until you change your phone or need to be reset settings in the current.

Sound control

Now back to the sound and generalheadphone performance. Each headset has two microphones - one for talking and one for noise canceling. Talking through them has a slight distortion - you can hear everything that the other side says, good enough, but your voice sounds a little timid.

Music, on the other hand, sounds clean. Both headphones have a touch area with some commands - double-touch pauses the track or answers the call, triple-touch allows you to go to the next song. Conversations end by pressing within two seconds, but if you press both headphones within two seconds, you will enter the game mode. It will be quite easy for you to find out that you switched modes by two sounds: the car’s engine accelerates, so it’s turned on, the piano melodies mean that you turned it off.

Low latency game mode also turns onduring video playback. In its tests, Realme indicated a delay reduction of 51%, while the usual delay was 243.8 ms, and the delay when the game mode was on was 119.3 ms.

It is also possible to activate anyThe voice assistant that you have by default. Just press on the headphones for two seconds if you are not talking on the phone and it will launch it even if the phone is locked.

These headphones really lack a fewtouch gestures. There is no way to go to the previous track, there is no way to control the volume, and this means that you have to take out your smartphone every time you want to change the volume, which we often do.

Realme Buds Air features Wear Detection. Optical sensors are used to determine if the headphones are inside the ear or if they were removed. It also works when removing one earphone.

But there are a few nuances. First, removing headphones from your ear does not immediately stop the music. In other words, the function does not work very smoothly, since it takes about 2-3 seconds to pause after the headphones have been removed. However, music plays almost immediately after you put the headphones back in your ear. In practice, this function worked for me in eighty percent of cases.

Buds Air also comes with extrafeatures such as two-channel transmission, thanks to which each earphone works independently, the ability to connect Bluetooth 5.0, a driver for boosting low frequencies, ENC (environmental noise reduction) for calls, USB Type-C charging, touch control and voice communication.


Case Realme Buds Air has a battery capacity400 mAh This helps to increase battery life from 3 hours to 17 hours (with a volume of 50%). For several days of listening, I had no problems with charging.

An indicator is also provided here. There are different modes and three colors for different charge levels, but with a yellow body they all have a yellowish tint, so relying on your phone seems to me the most convenient. When the charge is low, the indicator lights up.

Is it worth buying?

Realme buds air Is a pair of real wireless headphones,which can easily challenge big players and change the market. Realme has done a great job. Of course, these are not the best wireless headphones in the world, but their price makes you take a closer look at them. With the launch of Realme Buds Air, the company entered the real wireless headphone market with its Realme Buds and Realme Buds wireless headphones.

A company is in its infancy if weWe talk about similar products, but produces competent audio solutions at an affordable price. Buds Air is inexpensive, but it offers the high-quality features found on wireless headphones that cost almost four or five times more.

Where can one buy?

You can buy Realme Buds Air wireless headphones with the maximum discount in China! This is logical, isn't it?

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