Realme Buds Air Neo Wireless Headphones - Coming Soon!

Today, Realme has unveiled the first details about its new Realme-based user interface.

Android 10. Interestingly, the new interface was not the only new product introduced today. Among all the screenshots presented by the company, there is a hint of another upcoming product - Realme Buds Air Neo Wireless Headphones. They can be seen on the headphone connection screen in the settings.

Realme Buds Air Neo

The first generation of Realme Buds Air headphones waspresented in December. They attracted many precisely because of the amazing value for money. Apparently, the first truly Realme wireless headphones will not be the only ones in this segment, and the company already has a new pair of headphones in development. It is worth noting that Buds Air does not have an active noise reduction function. For this reason, many media believe that this feature may be key in the new Realme Buds Air Neo headphones.

As for the dual headphone function, itAllows users to send various sounds to wired and wireless headphones. For example, you can listen to music on wired headphones and use the Bluetooth headset only for calls. This is just one of several features that Realme is working on, and which will be introduced with the new Android branch called Realme UI.

The new Realme user interface will cover current Realme smartphones until the third quarter of 2020. As for the release of Realme Buds Air Neo, we can not yet accurately tell the release date.