Realme GT Neo 3 “series” gets a global release date: are we waiting for the Neo 3T?

Last Monday, Realme announced the imminent launch of the hit Realme GT Neo 3 to the global market. One week later

the company decided to make specifics, not onlyindicating the exact date of the event, but also hinting at something more than just GT Neo 3. According to the new teaser, the event will take place on June 7, and as part of it we will be shown the “GT Neo 3 series” – apparently, the Realme GT model will also be presented at the same time Neo 3T, which became known in early April and the imminent launch of which the company mentioned three days earlier. According to sources, the GT Neo 3T will be a clone of the GT Neo 2 with faster charging from 65W to 80W. Whether this is so, we will find out in a week.

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