Realme Motion Activated Night Light: donut-shaped night light with magnet and motion sensor for $ 24

Another recent innovation from Realme is the Motion Activated Night Light.

What is known

The device is made in

the form of a donut and has a magnet, as well as double-sided tape. Thanks to this, the gadget can be hooked onto vertical surfaces.

The novelty, according to the company, emits a warm2800K light with eye protection. Also, the lamp has three brightness modes and a motion sensor. It works at a distance of up to 6 meters with an angle of 120 degrees. The device is perfect for lighting a toilet or corridor.

Powered by Realme Motion Activated Night Light from three AAA AA batteries. By the way, they come with the device. Declared time

Price and when to wait

The night light has already gone on sale, but so far only in Malaysia. The issue price is $ 24.

Source: Realme

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