Realme, Redmi and Samsung are preparing smartphones with a 64 megapixel camera. The first will be Realme

In May, Samsung introduced a new camera sensor, the 64-megapixel ISOCELL Brigth GW1. Now manufacturers

The race has begun to see who will be the first to release a smartphone with such a camera.


It looks like Oppo's Realme sub-brand will be the first. On August 8, he will host an event dedicated to camera innovation (“camera innovation event”).

The advertising teaser shows a camera with four sensors, the main one being 64-megapixel. But exactly which smartphone will receive such a camera is still unknown.

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Considering the company's pricing policy, we have no doubt that this new product will be inexpensive.

Who else?

The Xiaomi Redmi brand also intends to release a smartphone with a 64-megapixel camera. According to insider Ice Universe, this will also happen in August.

Samsung is also preparing its own smartphone, but you shouldn’t wait for it before September-October.