Realme wants to separate from Oppo's parent company (updated)

The Oppo Realme sub-brand was created in May last year and during this time has already managed to top the list of the most dynamic

developing brands. And now the “daughter” has decided that it’s time for her to go swimming on her own.

Goodbye Oppo

Глава тайваньского подразделения Realme Чунг Сян-Вей (Chung Hsiang-Wei) заявляет, что суббренд подумывает над тем, чтобы отделиться от материнской компании Oppo.

“The brand is expected to develop its own ecosystem in the future, along with production lines, if the business continues to grow at the current pace,” a company representative emphasized.

Now Realme still uses some of Oppo's resources, but the manufacturer already has its own team and separate divisions for research, development and marketing.

In addition, Realme and Oppo have different audiences:Oppo produces higher-end smartphones, while Realme devices belong to the budget segment and are aimed at youth. Also, according to Chung, 60% of Realme users are men, but Oppo's customer base is predominantly women.

Added.Realme later made an official statement and emphasized that they are already an independent company, and the above information is the result of a misunderstanding on the part of the local media.

Realme Mobile Telecommunications Private Limitedis an independent brand and legal entity that was officially created on May 4, 2018 by its founder Sky Lee and current CEO Madhav Sheth.

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