Reasons to buy Overwatch 2: Blizzard talked about a clear plot, large maps and new heroes

After seeing the first trailers for Overwatch 2, players decided that Blizzard was preparing more of an expansion than a full-fledged sequel.

PlayStation Blog spoke with the game's assistant game director Aaron Keller and lead writer Michael Chu to learn about the major changes.

What is known

According to Michael Chu, Overwatch 2 will developthe plot, the foundation of which was laid by the first part of the series. If previously players received the story in separate comics, short films and missions, now the plot will be complete - with a beginning, a middle and an ending. Blizzard plans to show the world's reaction to the return of heroes and how much people need Overwatch.

Moreover, the developers do not plan to returnto the backstory of the world, since the main points were already revealed in the first Overwatch. Now the plot will only move forward, revealing more characters. For example, Sojourn will appear in Overwatch 2, who was introduced into the history of the world during the creation of the original game. In the sequel, the heroine will take a central role.

"She has appeared in various stories that wehas been told recently, but she will be extremely important to the events that take place in Overwatch 2. We are glad that we can finally tell her story,” Chu added.

In addition, Overwatch 2 will feature many newplayable characters. Keller did not dare to say who exactly will be in the sequel, but noted that the heroes “will add new gameplay mechanics that have not yet been in the game.” The changes will also affect the competitive mode, but Blizzard is not yet ready to talk about the changes.

Story missions in Overwatch 2 will not be the samefor a standard single-player campaign, since four players participate in the passage at once. However, they plan to make maps twice as many locations intended for competitive modes. In addition, the levels will have additional effects, such as dynamic weather and explosions, and the missions themselves – cut scenes at the beginning and end of the task.

“We like to say that our cards are almost another character that helps tell the story of Overwatch 2,” Keller added.

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At the same time, the developers will continue to focus on team interaction. For example, in the announcement trailer they showed the combination of Reinhardt's and Brigitte's shields.

As for the progression system, Overwatch 2There will be two of them - for PvP and PvE. Characters will gain additional skills for co-op missions that may be too powerful for competitive play.

So that players do not lose interest in “heroictasks" Blizzard promises to introduce additional rewards. According to the developers, first players will go through story missions, improving heroes and earning prizes, and then go into competitive multiplayer.

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