Recycled iPhone from China: worth buying?

The economy should be economical, a classic once joked, so the Soviet people began to save on everything, and

passed this concept on to their descendants.Seriously, saving is a normal desire, regardless of your level of income. And if two retail outlets sell the same iPhone, but in one place its price tag is 45 thousand, and in the other - 30 thousand, then the vast majority will go to the store with a device for 30 thousand rubles. Of course, in a store, a picky buyer will definitely check the numbers on the box and on the device, and, not finding a catch, will leave with a feeling of satisfaction.


And after a while, when by chance, toFor example, the screen will break (crack), and in the nearest service they will not be able to replace it, since for some reason the new display is incompatible. And when they begin to disassemble the smartphone, it turns out that this is not the iPhone 8 at all, it is the restored iPhone 8 eight. And there are quite a few such cases today. In general, the mobile market, especially in the poverty of Apple products, is literally teeming with criminal options. Moreover, the example described above is the softest fooling, because it is a fairly high-quality fake, and it’s not so profitable to deal with them.

And what is more profitable? And it is more profitable to collect for the same time three new sevens, even almost honest, that any Chinese working in the industry can. And these three iPhones will give significantly more profit. There are a lot of similar devices in the world. And, actually, what's the difference who and where I collected the iPhone, what's the difference, what are the recovered ones, or from Gorbushka, or Chinese iPhones, there are nuances that are not worth buying?

The essence of the restored smartphone

Where do the recovered iPhones come from?China, how to restore them? Usually, it all starts with the legal Apple service (if this is not to take into account the stolen batches of smartphones that are simply reflashed). A broken iPhone is brought into the service, it is diagnosed, and the verdict is passed - dead. Issue a new smartphone (with or without surcharge). According to the rules, a dead iPhone should be handed over to a company where it is disposed of. However, most of them do not get to recycling, leaking along side paths to craftsmen.

How does it work

Even real factories in the territory of the Middle Kingdomthere are, which produce all this, and almost legal (according to local laws) markets in which this junk is realized. The main component here is the motherboard, which is primarily prepared for maintainability. The revived charge is immediately sent for recycling. Very valuable boards are those who have a home button (it most quickly fails). If everything works, and the dactyloscope is also in order, then on the basis of this board a smartphone is assembled and sold as new. If it doesn’t work, it will not go to junk anyway, they are sent as used ones, and the legend about the home button is always the same — they were deleted when the screen was replaced.

When the board is intact, then there is an assembly on the principle"If only it worked" using the cheapest components on the market. You can even distinguish by engraving (poor quality). Also, the receiver of the sim card of a different shade, the physical buttons and so on are loosely held. Inside there are no less “joys”, here even bolts pity, and fasten on one instead of three, for example, and without protective plates. The display is always the cheapest copy, sometimes not even the IPS matrix. In appearance in the evening, and not understand, even at first glance everything works.

And the main problem of such devices isunpredictability. He may be out of action tomorrow without the possibility of recovery. This is a natural street cat in a street bag. Even the Chinese restore the board, removing a third of the elements that, in their opinion, are not needed.