Red closes Hydrogen smartphone project with holographic screen

Red, a company known for its high-quality cameras, announced the closure of the Hydrogen project.

is this what it is?

In 2017, Red introduced its first smartphoneHydrogen One, the main feature of which was the “holographic” screen (apart from the strange design). It produced a 3D projection without special glasses. The manufacturer also offered a first-class camera system and modular components to expand the functionality of the gadget.

The release of Hydrogen One was constantly delayed. As a result, it went on sale only in October last year, and even then in the USA and Mexico, and without the promised modular components.

The smartphone was priced at $1,295, after which the price dropped to $645.

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There have been rumors for a while about its successor, Hydrogen Two, but Red has now decided to shut down the Hydrogen project.

What's next

The closure was announced by company founder Jim Gennard, who has been at the helm since 1999. He himself then decided to retire.

“I just turned 70 and I’m having problems.With my health, it’s time for me to retire. “I’m closing the Hydrogen project and ending a career that included Oakley, Red Digital Cinema and Hydrogen,” Jim said.

He promised that support for released smartphonesHydrogen One will continue. And Red Digital Cinema will now be led by Jarred Land (current president of Red), Tommy Rios (executive vice president of Red) and Jamin Jannard (president of Red marketing and creative).

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