Redmi 1A - Xiaomi brand washing machine with a load of up to 8 kg of linen for only $ 120

At today's presentation, sub-brand Xiaomi Redmi presented not only the Redmi 7 smartphone and the Redmi AirDots headphones,

but also the Redmi 1A washing machine at a very attractive price.

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Unlike the best-selling Mijia Internet Washingand Drying Machine, this machine has a simpler design: a completely white body, loading laundry is vertical. It holds up to 8 kg of clothes. According to Redmi, this is 36 shirts / 10 jeans / 3 pairs of curtains / 3 sets of bed linen.

There are ten modes in Redmi 1A, includingdelicate, quick washing, rinsing and even drying. The water level can be chosen independently, depending on the number of things. There is also a self-cleaning mode, when the drum is cleaned under high pressure of hot water.

When and how much to wait

In China, the washing machine will go on sale April 9. Whether it will go beyond the limits of the Celestial Empire is still unknown. It is worth such a home assistant only $ 120.

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Not only smartphones

At the presentation, representatives of Redmi stated thatthe brand is not limited to smartphones alone. The unit will follow in the footsteps of Xiaomi and plans to create its own ecosystem of “smart” devices that can connect to each other. Pricing will continue: such gadgets will be inexpensive.

Do you know that

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