Redmi is also preparing its own line of cheap TVs.

Following Honor, another sub-brand, Redmi, decided to enter the TV market. Xiaomi unit prepares immediately

several models that will definitely please with their price tags.

What will it be

First, the director hinted at the release of Redmi TVbrand Redmi Liu Weibing (Lu Weibing), after which information about the device with the code designation L70M5-RA appeared in the database of the Chinese certification site 3C (China Compulsory Certificate).

Marking indicates the presence of a 70-inch screen. Also attributed to the TV format 4K (3840 × 2160 pixels).

In addition, network sources talk about another model L40M5-F with a 40-inch display.

It is expected that both new products will be cheaper than Xiaomi Mi TV TVs, which came out in April of this year and cost from $ 164.

Do you know what

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