Redmi Note 8 Pro: review of the smartphone with top-end features

We are accustomed to the fact that top-end hardware, a high-quality screen and other technological features are exclusively

expensive flagships from leading brands, butRedmi constantly shakes this wall and partially destroys it. Four cameras, an NFC module, the top-end processor, a large diagonal, and all this at an affordable price - this is the company's new Note 8Pro. Will he become a popular favorite, or will he only be discussed on social media feeds?

Photo opportunities

Let's start right away with what everyone understands, withcomponent, the results of which are visible immediately, and are often laid out for public viewing. So, the main camera received a block of four modules, the main of which has a sensor with an impressive resolution of 64 megapixels. However, the images are smaller than 64 megapixels, the technology combines neighboring pixels into one for better processing of the light flux. Photosensitivity increases four times, the picture is obtained at 16 megapixels. Two auxiliary modules received sensors for 8 and 2 megapixels, wide-angle optics. The fourth module received a macro sensor, for which most users would need it.

The quality of the main module is nicesurprising, and no wonder with so many megapixels. Pictures are taken on either 13 or 16-megapixel sensors of truly flagship smartphones from Apple, Google, Samsung. Detailing at a high level, with a dynamic range, too, everything is in order. There is AI technology for post-processing. In general, all these AIs do not improve anything, but only twist the color saturation to the maximum. People think that photography has become juicier. There was a night mode, here the algorithms work fine. Additional modules are already removed much worse, but if in the sun, then the quality is acceptable.

You can shoot in full 64 megapixel mode. Of course, few people need such photos, but some will be interested in looking at the smallest details of the subject. Video shooting supports 4K 30 frames per second. All this is good if there is a tripod, since no stabilization was brought up, either optical or even digital.


Of course, the low price cannot be taken fromair, some compromises are needed. One of them was the screen. It got a size of 6.5 ”, quite large so that it was comfortable to watch videos and also play. Only with one hand it’s unlikely to manage. The matrix here is not used flagship, ordinary IPS with decent viewing angles, with normal color reproduction. The maximum brightness at an average level, on a sunny day under direct rays, may not be enough.

The front camera is located in the teardropneckline, there is also a notification indicator. The cutout, in fact, does not interfere, but if you want to completely without it, that is, the Redmi K20, or in other Mi 9T markets.


The design of most mid-range smartphones andhigher today is almost the same for everyone, the market quickly unifies everything. As soon as there is an interesting design solution that the consumer likes, it is immediately copied by all manufacturers. In general, the appearance of the smartphone is standard, nothing new, there is a fifth-generation Gorilla Glass coating, it will be scratched later than many, it lies well in its hands and does not slip. Failed to install a fingerprint scanner, when unlocking, the wide-angle camera lens is blocked, so you have to wipe it before the photo shoot. The SIM card receiver combined, to work with two SIM cards, you need to abandon microSD. Side frames have become noticeably thinner compared to the previous generation.


The battery used here is quite capacious - 4500mAh, if not for the IPS matrix, it would last for longer, as with AMOLED. Nevertheless, he holds video playback in Full HD resolution for 16 hours, so you can definitely provide all day TV shows if there is nothing to do on the trip. In games, it keeps less, but lasted 8 hours in tanks. There is a quick charge - 40 percent in 30 minutes.


The smartphone became the first owner of the latest HelioG90T from Helio. This processor is positioned by the manufacturer as a gaming solution, and in real applications the chipset really shows good results, bypassing even the Snapdragon 730. The RAM on board is 6 gigabytes, the drive is 64 gigabytes. Everything works quickly and smoothly, games without problems go to high settings. It’s only for a long time that the smartphone heats up under load, and it is noticeable that if it continues to play, then throttling will probably wait for us when the system automatically reduces the processor frequency.

Contactless payments

Many fans of the company's products, especiallyRedmi smartphones lacked an NFC module. Now the problems have disappeared, you can drive in your card details and pay in many places from your smartphone without removing credit cards and trifles from your wallet. The smartphone also received an infrared sensor, which allows you to turn the device into a universal remote control, for this there is even a proprietary application.

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