Redmi Note 8 Pro will arrive in Europe on September 23. In Ukraine, the smartphone is already on sale

At the end of August, the Xiaomi Redmi sub-brand introduced Note 8 Pro - the first smartphone with a 64-megapixel Samsung camera sensor

ISOCELL Bright GW1. On September 3, it already went on sale in China, and is now heading to other countries.

When and where?

Informant Xiaomishka reports that the launch date of the international version labeled M1906G7G in Poland is September 23. Approximately, at this time the smartphone will arrive in other countries.

Prices will be known after the global announcement.

In Ukraine already

But in Ukraine some stores have already exhibitedRedmi Note 8 Pro for sale. For example, on the Allo website it is in the catalog, but neither the price nor the start date of sales is indicated. But you can already pre-order.

Sources say that sales of Redmi Note 8 Pro in Ukraine will start in early October.

By the way, in China in just one day they sold out 300 thousand Redmi Note 8 Pro.