Redmi Note 8 will be sent to Antarctica - the smartphone will pass the test of cold

Last year, Xiaomi sent a Redmi Note 7 smartphone into space to test its durability. Now similar

fate awaits Redmi Note 8.

What came up

The smartphone will be sent on a trip, and paragraphdestination will be Antarctica - the southern polar region of the globe. Since it is always cold there, most likely, Redmi Note 8 will thus be tested for resistance at extremely low temperatures.

The average temperature in Antarctica in the summer is 30 degrees below zero, in winter the thermometer bars drop to -60. True, now it’s just summer.

The trip was announced by Xiaomi Vice President and HeadRedmi brand Lu Weibing. He posted a poster on Weibo's social network, according to which Redmi Note 8 will leave for Antarctica tomorrow, January 17th.

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By the way, how Redmi Note 8 suffers frost is unknown. The official description says only that the smartphone is protected from dust and moisture.

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