Redmi Watch will be released very soon

A sub-brand of the Chinese tech giant Xiaomi, Redmi, produces phones, mobile accessories and much more.

others, which quickly entered the market and becameone of the most popular due to the ideal combination of price and quality. In August, the brand reentered the Smart TV market with its Redmi TV. Now the company seems to be gearing up to enter the smartwatch segment. At least, there are already active hints about this step on the Internet. And something tells me that Redmi smartwatches have a good future.

Redmi watch

Xiaomi a few days ago introduced its first smart watch Mi Watch. And now, it looks like we'll get a Redmi watch soon.

And it's not just a rumor, a hint of it comes fromLu Weibing himself, the CEO of the Redmi brand, who himself started talking about the Mi Watch on the Weibo social network. Exalting the features of Mi Watch, he casually asked his subscribers what they thought of Redmi Watch.

How do you feel about the first watch of Xiaomi? Looking forward to a Redmi watch?

Although this in itself does not confirm that Redmi Watch will soon become a reality, we are sure that this is the beginning of a series of teasers for a future novelty.

Details about Redmi smartwatches for nowmoment unknown. However, we believe that the Redmi Watch will have a similar design as the Mi Watch. This could be a lighter version of the Mi Watch, possibly with a smaller display. The watch may also have a smaller battery, possibly without eSIM support — features that allow you to use Mi Watch regardless of the device it is connected to.

As for the price, then, according to rumors, Redmi Watch,most likely it will get a lower cost, given that all Redmi devices are always cheaper compared to similar devices from Xiaomi. In the coming days, we will learn more about the new product.