Registrar Navitel R1000 GPS. New level of fixation

The Czech company Navitel is known all over the world for its detailed navigation charts.But these guys are still

make quite interesting devices for car enthusiasts.About the Navitel R1000 DVR GPS-informer, which combines the function of video recording, digital speedometerThe model turned out to be very interesting and we have a lot to tell.The device has been tested for more than 2 weeks and I have already formed a full impression of theFeedback from a real user, pros and cons of the registrar in the review below.


The first thing I pay attention to when I get acquainted with such devices is the thoughtfulness of the design and ease of use.After all, a DVR is a thing that should 100% fit into the interiorauto, become one. The R1000 surprised me a lot in this regard.Magnetic constructionis a brilliant thing that should be in every good registrar.

  • Firstly, it greatly simplifies the process of removing the main part of the device (it is better to hide everything expensive in the cabin in our country, it happened).
  • Secondly, the camera can be rotated 360 °. We need to record a conversation with the inspector: we simply turned the lens towards the opponent and that's it!

In the process, operation has repeatedly noted conveniencemagnetic mount. It never failed. The only thing I can note is that not always the first time you get into the horizon, you have to adjust the picture on the display. In a word, a matter of habit.

The main power base is attached to the glass with double-sided tape - reliably, much better than various suction cups, which, as practice has shown, are sensitive to temperature changes.

Navigation buttons

Navitel R1000 GPS Recorder Control Buttonssmall, bulging slightly above the body. Ease of management is average, you do not always get into the right one. I recommend that you do the configuration and all the actions in the menu not while driving, it will be safer.


That's why it was necessary to make it from a soft touchplastic? He was very easily soiled. Yes, beautiful, stylish, but never practical. Of course, this is not very noticeable and over time you simply do not pay attention, but you could also make the device out of ordinary plastic, even glossy, like the Navitel DR700.


«What kind of plastic? Stop doing that! Tell us better how the video is shot, whether it shows the speed accurately and whether it sees all the cameras!» Well, yes, perhaps it’s worth moving on to the main features of the R1000 GPS.

Video recording

The device writes in honest Full HD resolution(1920x1080 px) with a frequency of 30fps. A certain standard for modern DVRs. No more is needed, less is already critical, many details are not visible. The viewing angle is decent — as much as 165 degrees. If you are interested in how the R1000 shoots, here is a link to the cloud.

In the afternoon

The picture is decent for Full HD resolution.No «sticking» No frame or artifacts were noticed! The only thing I noticed — in areas where there is a lot of light, flare occurs. An ordinary user may not notice, but I personally noticed that this issue is easily resolved. Go to the settings and turn down the «Exposure» parameter.

At night

At night, the registrar from Navitelproved to be worthy, all the same, the Galaxycore GC2023 sensor is used, which has proven itself well in low light conditions. I liked that there is no smeared picture, like many car recorders when recording in the evening and at night. I put a solid four in this paragraph of the model, the ball is removed for the lack of clarity of objects in the dark.

Digital speedometer

DVR Navitel R1000 GPS informerequipped with an additional function to display the current speed on the display. A few seconds after starting it is automatically activated on the display. He copes with this task successfully. But you will not always be distracted from the road and see how much km / h there, which is why the function is rather secondary and tied more to the informer about speeding. Although many will appreciate: children in the cabin, for example, are very interested to know how fast the car is moving.

Here I note the competent work of the developers— When this function is activated, the background of the display turns black and large informative numbers appear on the main part. This makes it easy to read information.

It is worth considering the moment that speedread by GPS satellites, and accordingly, the accuracy of the readings directly depends on weather conditions, the number of satellites and other factors. The error here is permissible; it cannot be claimed to be a household appliance.

GPS informer

This feature is really worthy of attention!The recorder is able to warn the driver about control cameras and various road restrictions. By the way, it begins to do this 450 meters before the object, highlighting the relevant information on the display and warning with a sound signal. According to the manufacturer — The camera database is updated and always up to date.


The accuracy, again, depends on the quality of communication withGPS satellites, not just that the registrar begins to display a warning in advance. In practice, the function turned out to be very popular and well implemented in the device, I, as a driver, really liked it! Well, if you know all the controlled road areas, but if you go out of town or to another area? Without being distracted from the road by the navigators, you will receive in advance information from the Navitel R1000 GPS about cameras and sections of the road that require attention.

There are a lot of parameters by which the registrar sends an alert, here are the main ones:


  • Speed, average speed
  • Strip for public transport, taxi, bicycle
  • Curb
  • Stop line
  • Solid line marking
  • Red traffic light
  • Crossroads at congestion
  • Seat belt non-use
  • Proper parking
  • Using a mobile phone
  • Prohibition of the movement of trucks


  • Mobile camera
  • Unregulated Railroad Crossing
  • Crosswalk
  • Dangerous intersection
  • Dangerous bend
  • Attention children
  • Restricted Access, Restricted Area
  • Speed ​​bump


  • Transport inspection
  • Weight control
  • Police
  • the customs post
  • Fee Station
  • Other

During the tests, not all warningsappeared on the display of the DVR, most likely, they simply are not in the database, but there were no problems with the cameras. The device sees all speed cameras and regularly displays warnings!


Navitel products are always good. The recorder itself will meet you in the box, the windshield mounting system (there is also a 3M spare tape), the cigarette lighter power adapter with a long cable, wiping cloth and license activation voucher for branded navigation cards (yes, the ones that are known throughout world).


  • display with a diagonal of 1.22″, resolution 240×204 px, bright matrix
  • Galaxycore GC2023 main camera sensor, maximum recording parameters 1920x1080 px (30 fps), H.264 compression codec
  • MStar processor MSC8328
  • viewing angle of a 6-layer lens — 165°
  • shock sensor, GPS, parking mode, motion detection
  • 180 mAh lithium polymer battery


The recorder has a built-in Wi-Fi module, withusing which you can connect to your smartphone and watch videos. The application works stably, there were no problems during use. But you will use it extremely rarely, as necessary, when you need to quickly view the recording.

Here I would turn to the developers and askexpand the functionality of the application by adding, for example, the ability to update the camera database and finer settings for alerts / warnings! Conveniently, I hope they listen!


By testing the Navitel R1000 recorderGPS informer in various conditions I have developed a certain list of pluses and minuses (and where without them?), And I am ready to share with them so that it is easier for you to make a choice during the purchase.


  1. Good picture at dusk, high detail
  2. Bright, informative display
  3. Stable operation, does not overheat and does not slow down
  4. Alert about cameras and other traffic situations
  5. Magnetic mount
  6. Stylish, inconspicuous from the street
  7. Autostart


  1. Easily soiled
  2. You cannot adjust the volume of alerts or change the signal itself
  3. Not always a clear picture at night (personal nit-picking)
  4. During daytime shooting, the exposure is overestimated, we decrease in the settings
  5. The complex process of updating the camera database

Good device! Balanced, thought out, has wide functionality. Many will find a slightly overpriced price tag, but for a second, you get not just a DVR, but also a full-fledged informer about cameras and a digital speedometer! Show me analogues from a similar manufacturer with an equally convenient and thoughtful design? I did not find.