Released iOS 11-12.1.2 exploit for devices with A7-A9 processors

Recently, quite a lot of exploits have come out for the iOS platform, and keeping track of everyone is getting

complicated. On the other hand, this means that the developers of the jailbreak tool have more resources to work with.

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The last of the exploits released PsychoTea, andit is called "machswap". The exploit works on all devices with A7-A9 and iOS 11.0-12.1.2 processors, i.e. It can be used for Electra or unc0ver tools.

The “machswap” exploit was originally discoveredsecurity experts @ S0rryMyBad and Brandon Azad, who have already released exploits for iOS 12. It is based on a bug that was fixed in iOS 12.1.3. In addition, it resembles the notorious exploit "v0rtex".

Most devices with A7-A9 processorsare considered “4K devices” for which iOS 12 jailbreak is already available. For the unc0ver tool, another exploit is being used, but the new one should work more reliably and better.

Let's see if this exploit is used for any of the jailbreak tools in the future.