Released Samsung Gear Blink is scheduled for March 2015

Behind all the news about smart watches it was probably forgotten that wearable gadgets are worn not only on

wrist. Both Google and Samsung have devices on their face in development. No one knows if Google Glass will be there and when, but the news says that Samsung Gear Blink may be released in March 2015.

The source of information is attributed to the “industrysources, who wished to remain anonymous, therefore it is impossible to say how reliable this information is. Although it is possible that Samsung is really focused on March - most likely at the same time will release the Samsung Galaxy S6. in the same month. Samsung likes to give presentations of new devices in March or October, which means that this has its foundation.

It was rumored that Samsung couldboast of Gear Blink this year at the IFA, but this clearly did not happen last week; So, now the rumors have moved to the next announcement Samsung. Do not take it too seriously until more convincing leaks are leaking through the device.