Carnivorous dinosaur fossil found in 'worst place in the world'

An Egyptian-American team of researchers has announced the discovery of a new species of large-bodied carnivore.

dinosaur.His remains were found in the Sahara desert in Egypt. The fossil of a hitherto unnamed species is the first known record of an abelisaurid group of theropods from a mid-Cretaceous (98 mya) mountain range known as the Bahariya Formation.

Scientists studied a well-preserved vertebra frombase of the neck. It belongs to an abelisaurid, a theropod with a huge snout, small teeth and tiny hands, estimated to be about six meters long. Abelisaurids were one of the most diverse and geographically widespread large carnivorous dinosaurs on the southern land masses during the Cretaceous.

An abelisaurid neck vertebra from the Bahariya Oasis, Egypt. Credit: Ohio University

At the beginning of the 20th century, in the Bahariya formation,original specimens of many carnivorous dinosaurs. Until recently, abelisaurid fossils have been found only in Europe and on many of the modern continents of the Southern Hemisphere, but never before in the Bahariya Formation.

“In the middle of the Cretaceous period, the Bahariya oasis would have beenone of the scariest places on the planet,” explains Belal Salem, a graduate student at Ohio University, in a press release for the study. “How all these huge predators managed to coexist remains a mystery, although this is probably due to the fact that they fed on different animals and adapted to hunt different prey.”

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