Replacing one earphone or charging case will cost a third of the total cost of AirPods Pro

The other day, Apple has released new AirPods Pro wireless noise canceling headphones. And now it’s become

it is known how much the breakdown or loss of kit components will cost.

How many?

So, for replacing one earphone or charging case you will have to pay $ 89, which is more than a third of the total cost of AirPods Pro ($ 249).

But battery maintenance is cheaper - at $ 49 per battery in the earphone or case.

At the same time, they ask for $ 69 for replacing a headphone or a case with wireless charging for conventional AirPods. Although the old model is cheaper - $ 159 or $ 199, depending on the type of case used.

As usual, you can save using AppleCare +. With her, the price will drop to $ 29. The cost of AppleCare + itself is $ 29 for 2 years, including two cases of accidental damage.

By the way, iFixit specialists have not yet reached the new AirPods Pro, but Apple’s wireless headphones are usually practically unavailable.