Research: Earth's ecology has changed dramatically over the past 70 years

A new study, coordinated by the University of Colorado in the United States, has shown that since 1950, the world's population has

accelerated the speed and scale of energy consumption,economic productivity and population. These and some other factors pushed the Earth into a new geological era - the differences in physical, chemical and biological changes in the layers of the Earth's rocks discovered during research began around 1950.

In an article published in the journal NatureCommunications Earth and Environment, documenting the natural drivers of environmental change over the past 11,700 years and dramatic changes since 1950. The planetary changes of the last 70 years have affected oceans, rivers, lakes, coastlines, vegetation, soil, chemistry and climate.

For example, over the past 70 years, consumptionenergy has exceeded all the previous 11,700 years - mainly due to the combustion of fossil fuels. This huge increase in energy consumption has resulted in a dramatic increase in population, industrial activity, pollution, environmental degradation and climate change.

Climate change destroys unique ecosystems in Asia

18 authors collected existing studiesto highlight 16 major planetary changes caused by increased energy consumption and other human activities that have been of great importance since 1950.

Since 1950, humans have also doubled nitrogen.on the planet through industrial production for the needs of agriculture, created a hole in the ozone layer due to the emissions of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), produced a huge amount of greenhouse gases from fossil fuels to cause climate change on a planetary level, created tens of thousands of synthetic compounds on Earth, similar for minerals.

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