Research: human lifespan has no limit

The authors of the new work analyzed information from the International Database on Life Expectancy,

so there is data on 1.1 thousand centenarians.This is considered to be people who have lived to be 105 or more. Anthony S. Davison, an employee of the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne, commented on the results of the study to Gazeta.Ru:

The number of centenarians over 100 years oldhas been growing for many years in many countries, thanks to improved nutrition, health and social conditions, and so on, although COVID-19 has reduced these rates somewhat, probably. Our study only considers those who have lived more than 105 years, but it seems reasonable to believe that the same factors will lead to an increase in the number of centenarians.

Anthony S. Davison, Fellow, École Polytechnique de Lausanne

Previously, scientists found that a person who is 90 years old has one and a half thousand times more chances to die next year than a nine-year-old child.

But the authors of the new work said that this figure is reaching a plateau and the probability of dying remains stable, at about 50 to 50.

Thanks to high-quality food and medicine, a person will be able to live up to at least 130 years already in the 21st century. However, the chance, Davison notes, is one in a million.

Any study of extreme old age, beeither statistical or biological, suggests extrapolation. We were able to establish that if a limit below 130 years exists, then we should have discovered it now using the available data.

Anthony S. Davison, Fellow, École Polytechnique de Lausanne

Therefore, the researchers conclude that the duration of human life, most likely, has no boundaries. The authors also found no gender differences in this issue.

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