Research: Tesla's autopilot can prevent up to 80% of accidents

A new study by scientists from Germany showed that the Tesla autopilot hit significantly fewer

accidents than cars without this technology. The option comes standard on all Tesla cars and can keep the car in lane and change speed to keep up with traffic. In this case, the driver must insure the technology and not let go of the steering wheels from the steering wheel.

However, the researchers note that the strictEuropean regulation limited the capabilities of the autopilot - their functionality is much less, so the machines are not able to cope with as many emergencies as the software in the United States. Ferdinand Dudenhoffer, director of the Center for Automotive Research in Duisburg, Germany, notes that regulation of autonomous vehicles is progressing too slowly. The number of road accidents per kilometer traveled has been increasing over the past three years, the scientist added that the autopilot could reduce that number of accidents.

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Center for Automotive Research in Duisburgcalculated that if all cars in Germany had been equipped with a Tesla autopilot in the previous year, there would have been only 29,000 accidents. In fact, 282,000 road accidents were recorded in the country.

Tesla data also confirms that cars whereautopilot enabled, get into a much smaller number of accidents per kilometer. This technology could improve driver safety if all vehicles were equipped with the same sensors. At the same time, Tesla is open for technology licensing in Europe.

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