Researchers are creating a "power suit" for electric vehicles, like the "Black Panther"

The suit is made from a layered carbon composite that works like

supercapacitor-battery hybrid energy storage device due to its unique design at the nanoscale.

To design the material, the researcherscreated positively and negatively charged layers of carbon fiber that, when stacked and joined in alternating order, create a strong, energy-storing composite.

Sheets of nanosized graphene attached toслоям углеродного волокна, обеспечивают повышенную способность накапливать заряд, в то время как оксиды металлов, нанесенные на прикрепленные электроды, повышают напряжение и обеспечивают высокую плотность энергии.

"The advantage is thatthe composite we developed can reduce the weight of your car and increase the mileage per charge,” says Thomas, who conducts his research at UCF’s NanoScience Technology Center. “It’s just as strong or even stronger than steel, but much lighter.”

Material used as bodycar, can reduce the overall weight of the vehicle and increase the range of an electric vehicle by 25%, which means that a car with a range of 320 km on a single charge can travel another 80 km.

As a supercapacitor, it will also boost the power of an electric car, giving it the extra push it needs to accelerate from zero to 60 mph in 3 seconds.

According to the researchers, when used inIn electric vehicles, the composite material of the supercapacitor will receive energy not only when charging, like a battery, but also when the car is braked. The charge-discharge cycle time is 10 times longer than current electric vehicle batteries.

According to the scientists, the materials used are also non-toxic and non-flammable, which is very important for the safety of passengers in the event of an accident.

The ability of the shell to redirect the energy captured by deceleration resembles the action of the Black Panther suit from Marvel.

"The Black Panther suit absorbs energy andredirects it. That's exactly what we do,” said Pandey, one of the developers. “When you brake, the shell absorbs energy, and then when you see a green light and press on the gas, it immediately discharges and gives a powerful current pulse to give you initial jerky acceleration.”

The research team is currentlydeveloped only a small prototype of a remote-controlled car. The shell itself looks almost like a Black Panther suit. The surface consists of black scales that shimmer in the light.

In terms of readiness, according to the developers, the project is close to the desired level for NASA use. Development for commercial use may take another five years.

The developed material has a wide application.It can also be used as frames for satellites or as part of futuristic glasses such as mixed and virtual reality headsets.

Black Panther is a superhero appearing incomics published by Marvel Comics. He is the king of Wakanda. According to the comics, this character's power suit is able to accumulate energy from blows shaking him.

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