Researchers use a camera collar to find out that wild wolves catch fish

The University of Minnesota documentary project Voyageurs Wolf explores the life of wild wolves. Researchers

caught and put to sleep a lone wolf, which wasassigned the nickname V089. He was put on a collar with a Vectronic-Aerospace camera. Collar recorded video in 30-second bursts during daylight hours, for a total of seven minutes per day.

According to scientists, they managed to make amazingfootage from the life of V089. True, some of them are covered with fur: the next time they promised to cut the subject. Researchers found that V089 was smart enough to go fishing near a beaver dam, chasing trapped fish.

“Wolves, it turns out, are catching freshwater fish, ohthan people did not even suspect, "- said researcher Thomas Gable. "The fact that this wolf began to do this suggests that this is not a one-off incident."

Other highlights include a wolf gnawing on a deer bone, tramping along a river and eating fish.

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