Resolved: Huawei will not use HongMeng OS on smartphones and will remain with Android

We have long heard that Huawei is preparing its own operating system HongMeng (or Harmony, which we wrote about

recently). Company representatives said that this is a universal OS that can run on smartphones, computers, laptops, smart home devices, etc.

After the introduction of US sanctions, the OS began to be tested on smartphones, and the debut was expected in August-September. However, Huawei has now changed its mind and decided not to use HongMeng on smartphones.

Now what?

Catherine Chen, Sr.Vice President and Member of the Board of Directors of Huawei, said that HongMeng is intended for industrial use. These include routers, tablets, computers, TVs, data centers and even vehicles. But it won’t work on smartphones.

Instead, Huawei smartphones will remain with good old Android. Katherine Chen emphasized that the company intends to continue to cooperate with Google.

True, so far desire is not enough.Despite the fact that US President Donald Trump has promised to “pardon” Huawei, so far this remains only in words. Exactly one month later, on August 19, the grace period expires, after which American companies will be prohibited from supplying technology and components to Chinese manufacturers without special government permission. This means that Huawei will not be able to produce gadgets with Google services.

We hope Trump doesn't forget during this monthhis words and document them. Perhaps it was precisely because of his promises that Huawei changed its mind about installing HongMeng on smartphones - everything seems to be fine with Android.