Retired: Microsoft finally stops supporting Internet Explorer

It is worth noting that the "death" of IE did not come as a surprise. A year ago, Microsoft representatives said that June 15, 2022

Internet Explorer will stop working. Thus, the IT giant is pushing users to work with the Edge browser, which the company launched in 2015.

"Microsoft Edge is not only faster, more secure andmore modern than Internet Explorer, but also able to solve a key problem: compatibility with old, outdated websites and applications,” said Sean Lindersey, general manager of Microsoft Edge Enterprise, in his blog a year ago.

Microsoft released the first version of the InternetExplorer in 1995, in the antediluvian era of web surfing, when the first widely popular Netscape Navigator browser dominated. Its launch marked the beginning of the end for Navigator: Microsoft continued to tie IE and the ubiquitous Windows operating system so tightly that many people simply used it as the default instead of Navigator.

Market share of IE, which in the early 2000s wasover 90%, began to decrease as users found more attractive alternatives. For example, Chrome currently dominates the global browser market with roughly 65%, followed by Apple's Safari at 19%, according to web analytics firm Statcounter. IE's successor, Edge, is about 4% behind but ahead of Firefox.

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