Retold a blogger - received a fine: in Russia, they want to make posts on the Internet an object of copyright

The network has information about a fresh bill, which is being developed by the Council of Bloggers. If a

if it is accepted, then an interesting amendment will be made to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. Discuss

So, in domestic legislation there will bethe list of objects of copyright has been expanded - the concept of “user content” will be added to it. After that, in the country, user-generated content will be recognized as an object of copyright, which is subject to protection.

At the moment, only a part of Internet sites classify user-generated content as objects of copyright. But if the new law is adopted, the situation may noticeably change.

And already, depending on how everything is spelled out, those who violate copyright will be fined or even punished in the form of imprisonment for a certain period.