Review Apple Watch 5: a smart watch for the price of a starship

The wearables category has almost caught up with the Mac in terms of value for Apple. In the last quarter she showed

record growth among all divisions (50% incompared to last year) and brought the company $6.5 billion (Mac accounted for $6.9 billion). Of course, it's not just about the Apple Watch, but also about the Air Pods. However, the company's success in smartwatches cannot be diminished. Apple Watch ranks second in the world in sales (IDC data for the second quarter of 2019). At the September presentation, Apple showed the fifth generation of watches. At first glance, the differences from its predecessor are not so great. In our Apple Watch 5 review, we find out whether the watch is so good for its $399 price.

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What is it?

Smart Watch Apple 2019.

What is special about Apple Watch 5?

Watch 5 for the first time in the Apple line has always receivedactive Retina-display, magnetic compass, support for emergency calls abroad and an updated hardware, which also consumes battery power more economically. The manufacturer claims 18 hours of autonomy. The watch is running watchOS 6, which includes features such as cycle tracking, noise analysis and activity trends, AppStore and a calculator.

How do they look? How practical?

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Apple does not change the design of smart watches, in fact, withfirst model. When the first generation was introduced, manufacturers of wearable electronics already mastered curved displays and began to produce round-screen gadgets. Journalists reproached Apple for greed - they say that not only did they pull with the entrance to the market, they also used an outdated form factor.

Today, smart watches are on the pond-pond market, includingincluding round, in a traditional style. Watchmakers (Tag Heuer, Fossil, for example) also entered this segment, but they also choose the classics. But Apple watches do not change. Watch 5 can be visually distinguished from previous generations except for the included display, other innovations do not catch the eye at all.

Apple Watch 5 is almost a square with the ends ofaluminum. The model is available in two sizes - 40 mm and 44 mm (1.57 and 1.78 inches, respectively). In addition to aluminum, the body can be made of titanium or ceramic.

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There are traditionally two controls, both on the right.When you press the button for a long time, you can turn off the watch or call an ambulance, double press it to launch a payment application, single press it to look at the running applications. The bezel button is needed to return to the home screen, navigate through the menu and call up all applications, launch Siri with a long press and practice with a double short press. On the left is the speaker, which is surprisingly loud for such a small device. At the back, everything is also standard. Heart rate monitor on almost the entire surface of the case.

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A 40 mm model without a strap weighs a little over 40 g. The case is protected from moisture, with the watch you can dive to a depth of 50 m.

The strap - in our case silicone - is attached withtwo sides into the recesses of the housing and is securely fixed there. To remove, you need to press the tiny and recessed buttons in the body. The kit includes two lengths that are generally suitable on the wrist 130-200 mm. Belts from Apple Watch 4 are also suitable for the novelty.

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The mount is standard for the Apple Watch. I don’t know how anyone, my watch was unfastened twice on my hand. If once there was something to sin, this happened in the fitting room, when she buttoned the sleeve of her shirt and before that she pulled her watch many times, then the second time she was practically in a serene state when she was shifting some things. The hole on which the belt is fastened did not stretch, but after these cases I began to be afraid for hours.

How is the screen?

The square screen has become not only a businessApple Watch card, but also their Achilles heel. The display protrudes slightly above the case and is rounded at the edges. It looks cool, no doubt. But unlike most round smart watches, it is not protected from contact with the environment. In the early days of using the Apple Watch 5, I slipped from the sink to the floor and crashed onto a tile in the bathroom.

Apple does not indicate which glass is used inhours. But there is a suspicion that the company is saving on materials here. I have repeatedly dropped smartphones on tiles and on asphalt, in most cases - without consequences. The maximum is one or two cracks. But this has never happened. It seems to me that in this case it will be useful to install a protective glass immediately when buying a watch in a store, so that it doesn’t work out.

A new type of smartwatch is installed in this model.OLED LTPO screen (resolution 324x394 pixels, as in the previous generation) based on low-temperature polycrystalline oxide. Apple says that thanks to this, as well as an improved light sensor, power management and a low-power driver, the company was able to realize the always-on display feature in the watch. That is, what other companies have done a long time ago? Not certainly in that way.

Usually on displays in Always onbasic information is displayed. Time, there may be some other parameters, but not in detail, but economically. Here - completely everything that the selected dial or application implies. When the hand is lowered, the brightness of the backlight decreases slightly. This allows you to save power, and still leave access to information. Usually, a smart watch still doesn’t perfectly read the movement of a raised hand, the screen lights up more slowly, and sometimes it doesn’t work at all. It turns out that Apple Watch 5 does not have this gap, because there is no difference between the information on the screen. To see the distance or pulse, for example, while running, just raise your hand and look at the clock, you do not need to wait or repeat the action. The same thing - if some kind of notification arrives, and you are at a meeting and distracted by your affairs is simply indecent. On Apple Watch 5, you can get a glimpse of it.

In this case, the data on the display is protected fromprying eyes. When the clock is not facing the user’s face, the notification is blurred, it is impossible to read. If you take your watch off your hand, data about physical activity disappears from the screen, and alerts are blurred. All this can be seen only after entering the PIN code (as well as paying using Apple Pay). In general, the function is implemented very intelligently.

What about the battery?

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Apple does not indicate watch battery capacityfifth generation, instead, paints detailed work time in different modes. I will not list everything here (you can take a look yourself). On the model’s page, it is stated that this is 18 hours of full work in this mode: 90 time checks, 90 notifications, 45 minutes of application use and 60 minutes of training with playing music from Apple Watch using Bluetooth technology.

Apple Watch 5 is far from a benchmark in mattersautonomy, for example, Honor / Huawei watches work for weeks, Fitbit and Garmin are also long-lived, Samsung has a norm of a couple of days at least. The company says that its watches work so much considering what they can do. It looks like an excuse, but to be honest, the argument looks weighty. Watches really can do a lot, and they have more features at the level of the device itself than in many other “smart” watches of non-sports brands. In this context, I have no questions about autonomy. Another thing is that it’s really inconvenient that you need to charge them daily. I think that we will see real progress in the autonomy of the Apple Watch only when they show sleep monitoring out of the box. While this is done by a third-party application, Apple doesn’t give a damn whether you charge the watch at night or wear it.

There is one more point that has disposed me. Usually, manufacturers of wearable electronics overestimate the autonomy of their devices one and a half times, especially the Chinese. But I charged the watch less often than every evening. One charge lasted more than a day. I occasionally connected a wireless headset to listen to podcasts, but this is only half an hour a day, and not always. At the same time, I have training for an hour and a half three times a week, I go a day for at least 6-7 km, the clock also tracked it. I did not use the applications on the watch very actively, they are more interesting to me as a sports accessory. In addition to sports, it is mainly viewing alerts (and mail and instant messengers pour in almost without stopping), weather, sleep data, etc. I have all notifications turned on and the power saving mode is turned off, the screen mode is always on. This load is above average for the watch. And while they live longer than promised.

The watch has two vibration modes - normal whenthey seem to touch the hand easily. And reinforced, such that even in the middle of the night it can wake up. When I switched to it for a couple of days, the battery melted right before our eyes, especially if the messenger constantly poured alerts on the working day.

Apple Watch charging has not changed and itstill so-so compared to what other manufacturers are doing. It works slowly, the watch stays on it, but not tightly, as happens with wearable electronics from other brands. It is better to place them in such a way that there is no risk of pulling the cable, so that the watch moves off the charger. They can do this easily. Apple Watch 5 takes a really long time to charge. 100%, according to official data, 2.5 hours, 80% - in 1.5 hours.

What can they do?

Apple Watch 5 - one of the richestdevice capabilities on the market. This is in the full sense of the word smart wearable electronics, that is, a watch that can replace a smartphone in many situations, and a full-fledged sports gadget, and a device for those who care about the balance in their lives. Balance and health care is in the DNA of the model. And although it often seems (to me in any case) that Apple goes too far in public relations on the subject of health and medical research, there are many things in the watch that make them just that.










Firstly, these are regular reminders.That you need to breathe and relax. That it’s time to get up and take a walk (however, the latter has become the standard for the market). That the training has begun. Start recording? I often forget to press “start” on time, so these tips are useful to me. Starting with watch OS 4, the watch also measures VO2 max for workouts longer than 20 minutes.

New OS version for Apple Watch collectslong-term user lifestyle trends. To accumulate data, you need a minimum of 90 days, while there is only a total figure for the month. Therefore, I have nothing to say about this. Feeding the ego with rewards for current achievements.





In this generation of Apple Watch sportsOpportunities have not been improved, but despite this, this watch remains one of the best on the market for those who regularly train. And although Apple does not position the watch as a uniquely sports accessory, it is rather a life companion, the device’s interface is very tuned for monitoring physical activity. Even in the design of most dials, you can add widgets with sports functions if you do not want to choose one of the sports dials. Actually, widgets can be anything at all - from the moon phase to the compass, and the launch of a workout as well. In matters of personalizing the interface of Apple Watch on top.








The latest version of the OS has an opportunitykeep track of the cycle. Basic functions are standard for similar applications - enter data, and the clock tells you what day of the cycle today. You can also add symptoms as they appear, and not everyone already has it. Probably, over time, the symptoms will somehow affect the accuracy of the predictions. In addition, you can immediately fix other indicators related to the possibility of conception. There is nothing cosmic in this option, but as a basic function of the system it’s great. And it’s convenient that the same data is pulled up in “Health”.

What Apple Watch still doesn't have issleep monitoring, although this has already become the industry standard. But you can download the application, which in the free version will show the phases of sleep. For example, I used Pillow, it only shows the quality of sleep for the last night for free. And so - there are many functions, but all for the money. This includes a more detailed quality analysis (in particular, records sounds and analyzes), fixation of daytime sleep, pulse analysis, personalized recommendations, integration with Runkeeper, etc. Detailed information about sleep can be obtained both on the smartphone and on the watch. There are other options in the app store, but they looked even more uncomfortable.

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Also in the AppStore you can find many applications formeditation or breathing practices, there is software for sports, business management, games, etc. Perhaps Apple has the most developed ecosystem of applications for hours. True, everything in this life will have to pay. Monthly.

Apple Watch 5 got a built-in compass,learned to determine altitude and noise level. Now, near the workouts related to moving in space, the application has information about the maximum and minimum altitude, as well as the route on the map with color coding of how actively you moved.





But if Apple is catching up in the first two functions and it remains only to say “finally,” then with the noise analysis the company entered the market for the first time.

In the last couple of years, manufacturers of electronics andsimply technology-related companies are increasingly focusing on inclusion and health issues. For example, this year MasterCard even created a separate zone for people with hearing impairment at the Atlas Weekend in Kiev, where music was transmitted using vibration, visualization and sign language interpretation. Android regularly introduces new features for people with hearing and visual impairment.

And Apple, as a company that focuses on healtha lot of attention in PR and products, did not remain idle. Watch 5 are able to determine the noise level around. The watch “listens” to the outside world periodically using the built-in microphone and should notify the user if he has been in a loud place for too long. For 10 days with the Apple Watch, I have never received such a notification. On average, the clock showed a noise level of 59 dB, while in the office it was about 40 dB, in the evening at home - about 30 dB. Probably in the afternoon the house in the city center is too noisy, plus the street and the hall add negativity to the statistics. The threshold after which it is worth starting to think about a lifestyle is 80 dB (more than 5.5 hours per day) and anxiety - 90 dB (more than 30 minutes per day). It turns out that in everyday life I'm not so far from him. Needless to say, headphone music or concerts.







From the clock you can control the music and the iPhone cameraor listen right on the watch. You can now take a walk up to 32 GB, twice as much as in the previous generation. Here, from last year, there is an application with podcasts. This year, access to the AppStore appeared. But frankly, downloading applications from the watch is a so-so venture. It’s much easier to take the iPhone, find the application and confirm the download using biometrics than try to enter the password on the watch. Password entry can be continued on the iPhone (but why then look for it on the clock in the AppStore) or draw it manually by one character on the clock screen.

This is my first experience using an Apple Watch. Before that, I looked closely at different models compatible with Android, but here and there something was missing (unfortunately, there is no experience with Fitbit and Garmin yet). Apple Watch 5 has become for me the very ideal in which there is everything and besides the fact that it is, it also works smoothly and conveniently.

Perhaps there is only one thing that Iunderstand not given. There are three (!) Applications for working with the Apple Watch on the iPhone. This is “Health”, which pulls all the data about the owner’s lifestyle, including from the applications of calorie counters, sleep analyzers, running software and watches, in fact. This is an Apple Watch to manage your watch. And this is “Activity” - where data about all user activity is collected. Usually manufacturers of wearable electronics fit in one application. Of course, Apple Watch have a lot of features, probably, in this parameter they surpass all companies in the market. In addition, the Health application appeared long before the clock. But still, this complication seems illogical.

What is in the box?

Inside the package are two boxes. In one lies the watch itself, packed in a soft case, charger and plug. Both belts are separate.

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Who are the Apple Watch 5 competitors?

Formally competitors at Apple Watch 5darkness, darkness, in fact, they are probably not there. I have little faith that the user of the Apple ecosystem would stop his Samsung smartwatch or worse, Mi Fit or Amazfit. Most likely, the choice will occur either between the current model to get the full stuffing, and the past hours to save. I wrote about the difference with Apple Watch 4 above - there is no magnetic compass, the screen is always on, and as I understand it, it does not listen to noise. Whether these functions are worth an extra couple of thousand is probably up to your wallet.

Also, an alternative to Apple Watch can bewatches from sportier brands - Garmin and Fitbit. This orientation is expressed both externally and functionally, and here the choice will most likely be determined by what the user is used to, where he already has an accumulated history. The advantages of such models (and there are many of them for different budgets with comparable capabilities), in addition to price, will be better battery life. But neither Fitbit has a payment solution working in Ukraine. And in my opinion, they look generally simpler than even the most budget Apple Watch. But this is a matter of taste.

Special project

Artificial Intelligence on TVs: How It Works

In the dry residue

Apple Watch 5 the most expensive smart watches on the marketamong comparable in characteristics. Like in “iPhones”, there are many things in a watch that a company saves or falls short of the market. This is both a battery and a square screen, while the market has already switched to round, and, apparently, the glass is not very good. The design, in general, is also repeated and the market is in every way. But I can say with full confidence that if the watch were compatible with Android devices, I would not have thought what to buy for life and sports, because, in fact, they have everything that is needed, and it works just like that , how to. What does not close Apple software is developed by third-party developers (unlike ecosystems of other manufacturers). The only thing I really lacked here was sensible sleep tracking. I hope he really appeared in the next generations and will bring with him the best battery life.

Another advantage of this model is the reduction in the previous generation of watches after entering the market. If you are just thinking about buying your first smart watch for iPhone and think that the price is excessive and you don’t really need a compass, pay attention to Watch 4.

5 reasons to buy an Apple Watch 5:

  • convenient interface for tracking physical activity and taking into account specific parameters in different sports;
  • coolly implemented work of the always-on screen;
  • design (well, really);
  • Apple Pay
  • features that make the device a replacement for a smartphone in many situations.

4 reasons not to buy an Apple Watch 5:

  • price;
  • autonomy;
  • no built-in sleep monitoring (only applications with paid features that are free on other devices);
  • Support only iOS.

Apple Watch 5

Apple flagship watch for the second half of 2019

Watch 5 was presented in September 2019.For the first time, the watch featured an always-on display, noise analysis, and a magnetic compass. Despite the fact that the watch is significantly more expensive than any other “smart” watch. watches on the market with similar characteristics, they can definitely be called the best choice for iPhone owners.

Buy 40 mm

Buy 44 mm

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