Review Huawei Watch GT: personal impression, review

We very often share with you reviews and impressions of users of smart watches from different manufacturers.

Just because now smart accessories onpeak of popularity, and many are interested in their purchase. Today we will discuss the Huawei Watch GT. This smart gadget is very similar to the classic watch, but in no way does it try to replace your smartphone. Rather, it is a great addition to it.

Huawei Watch GT

The manufacturer paid special attention tracking, while there are also such typical functions as receiving notifications from devices on Android or iOS. Without this, nowhere. It is also important that it uses its own operating system, which is created with a separate emphasis on fitness and battery life. But first things first…

Collective collection

In the retail box, in addition to the Huawei Watch GT watches themselves, you will find a USB-C cable with a magnetic charger and a user manual. Nothing more interesting.


At first glance, watch Huawei Watch GT lookfairly reliable, if we evaluate the case as a whole. It is protected from water, made of stainless steel and comes in silver or black with a color accent on the dial. The overall impression of a brilliant two-color case is excellent! Feeling that before you high-quality design.

Less emotion causes the strap, which bymostly consists of silicone, and from the outside it looks like it is made of leather. I didn’t like it very much, but you can easily replace it with another 22 mm strap, purchased additionally.

Watch version with 46.5 mm case and 1.39 displayinches perfect for a large wrist. AMOLED-display is quite bright, while it is easy to interact with it in bright sunlight. In the dark, it fades. The pixel density of 326 ppi provides quite comfortable reading from the display.

Interface and functions

The clock is based on its own platformLiteOS from Huawei, and not on Google Wear for Android. In general, a pretty good interface, but there is also something that is missing. For example, the highlighted "Back" button. It doesn't matter whether it is physical or software, but it would be nice to supplement it with the existing function of swiping back, because sometimes this is simply not an option. It would also be nice to have a way to clear individual notifications, but this is just a fitness tracker. Do not forget about it. And it is designed to quickly obtain current information, no more.

For example, want to see how many steps you walked? Please: all the information in front of your eyes on the main screen. Want to know about your pulse? Here is your current figure, peak and minimum for the day, as well as a graph detailing the last 24 hours. What about the weather right now? No problem too. Basically quite comfortable.

The application menu here is called by pressingtop physical button on the right. The list of applications is typical: basically it is viewing your activity, sleep statistics, running various workouts (walking, running, cycling, swimming), there is a stopwatch, a flashlight, an alarm clock, a compass, a barometer. The second additional button is not particularly needed, this is just a quick launch of the Exercise application, which is first on the list, if you just go to the menu. It would be better to have this button equipped with the "Back" function.

In terms of exercise and sleep statistics, youYou can see almost all the necessary information on the clock. These are duration, calories burned, heart rate peak, average and lowest recorded rate, recovery time, assessment of your aerobic efficiency, and finally, heart rate zones that show the levels of cardiovascular intensity that you went through, how much detail spent in every zone. I must say that the clock gives a fairly accurate measurement. This also applies to calories burned and sleep tracking.

We should also say a few words aboutHuawei Health application. Why it, if all the necessary information is on the screen of your watch. Indeed, the application duplicates all the same information, but with a plus are the settings and options. And, of course, in the application it is convenient to view more detailed information about your activity, maps of runs, etc.

The application can also share information withGoogle Fit, Apple Health and MyFitnessPal, but not sharing data with others, this means the lack of support for popular applications such as MapMyRun and Strava. As for the settings, there are a lot of them here: you can enable continuous heart rate tracking, notifications and other options that are not on the watch itself. Like the Huawei Watch GT, the companion application is simple, straightforward and useful without obvious omissions in functionality.

Performance and working time

We turn to the assessment of performance. I’m saying that the animations here are not quite smooth, the response to the input (response) also leaves much to be desired - vyalenko! But there were no long hangs.

Regarding battery lifemanufacturer can be commended. Huawei Watch GT lasts for two weeks with active use and 90 minutes of training per week. If you train 5 days a week for about an hour a day, there will be enough hours for about 8 to 10 days.

All specifications

  • Many dials to choose from
  • Two weeks of work without recharging
  • Activating the screen by raising your hand and activating by pressing
  • Built-in GPS + Glonass + Galileo
  • Water resistant to 50 meters
  • Automatic reading of SWOLF **
  • Modes for different types of training
  • Real-time pulse monitoring
  • Smart sleep monitoring
  • Battery 420 mAh
  • Touchscreen AMOLED screen 1.39 inch 326 PPI


Releasing Huawei Watch GT, the manufacturer didThe focus is on the fitness capabilities of the accessory. Using your own platform for watches provides an orderly, but at the same time, the complete provision of all the necessary information, plus battery life will not disappoint you. Hours look good and perfectly serve your physical activity. But there is a nuance - this is the high cost of hours. Price Huawei Watch GT is 14,990 rubles. Given the abundance of low-cost fitness trackers, the manufacturer will be difficult to sell this model in large quantities.