Review of portable speakers Genius SP-i250G

To enjoy the sounds of computer games, most often not speakers are created, but headphones.It's quite

It's logical: gamers sometimes play on the road, and few household members will agree to listen to the detailed roar of zombies, desperate screams of soldiers, deafening explosions or frightening rustles for hours.In particular, I remember a high-quality one, although devoid of bass frequenciesRazer Ferox speakers with built-in batteries and USB power.The hero of the review, the Genius SP-i250G, is somewhat reminiscent of it.

The design of the columns causes positive emotions: they look like either turbines or wheels of a fantastic car. In a word, for something high-tech. Glossy plastic is present in them in the form of a thin strip on top, as well as closer to the bottom (and at the very bottom), but not so much. On the sides of the speakers, made already from a completely different, unmarked, high-quality plastic, resembling metal, scorpions are drawn, which signal that the speakers belong to the game series. 40-mm speakers are directed upwards and covered with a silver insert.

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Genius SP-i250G is also portable: The speakers weigh quite a bit, the batteries built into them are powered by USB (by the way, the connectors are gold-plated). For carrying acoustics is supposed to use two complete bags. They are simple, but they will protect against penetration of dust and small objects into connectors and speakers.

Connect speakers to any device - from PCand a laptop up to the player and mobile phone through a standard 3.5mm audio jack. However, in the case of a player or smartphone, it is necessary that they be charged: the built-in batteries at 70 percent volume lasts about 7 hours, about 3 hours is enough to fully charge them.

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The columns are turned on by turning the middleparts relative to the lower and upper. In this case, the bordering ring LEDs light up: they, of course, give a highlight, changing the color of the rainbow spectrum, but the fact that they are not disconnected is somewhat annoying. The speakers turn on and off with a perceptible click. After clicking, you can continue to rotate the middle part of the speakers: this is how the sound is adjusted (independently via two channels). By the way, I didn’t really like this adjustment. It is rude, it is easy to accidentally drown out one channel relative to another, and finely adjusting the volume is not easy.

The sound produced by Genius SP-i250G for games is good: enough detail, volume and even bass, which Razer Ferox lacked so much. However, the latter played a cleaner, and surprising for their size, the volume was created not with the help of low frequencies, but thanks to the circular design of the speakers. Here the speakers are directed upwards, the bass and high are present at medium volume, the detailing is sufficient for a not too fastidious music lover who decided to enjoy his favorite recordings somewhere on the road, tired of headphones. At maximum volume (which, by the way, surprises, such “babies” do not expect such agility) the sound chokes, the detailing is lost. Although a lot depends on the quality of the recording and sound source. Taking into account the cost (about 350 hryvnia), Genius SP-i250G can be a good purchase for a travel gamer. Or for a gift to such a person.