Review of Samsung Galaxy Note 10+: cons

One of the owners of the new Galaxy Note 10+ decided to share his impressions of the recently announced flagship.

And tell your opinion about the phone that you haveit was formed during use. Perhaps for many, this Galaxy Note 10+ review will answer the key question of whether the Galaxy Note 10+ is worth buying.


First of all, the author of the review points out thatI was very impressed with the new product. In his opinion, the design of the phone is simply stunning, especially when the light hits the back of the glass body. Apart from that, he is not an experienced S Pen user. But still, there is a reason why the user was forced to return the smartphone…

One of the main reasons — fingerprint scannerfingers on Note 10+. This is a real disaster. It is very slow, in most cases it takes more than one attempt to unlock the phone, and this is very annoying.

Of course, everyone understands that scanner integrationkeeping fingerprints under the display is quite a challenge. But why were competitors Huawei and OnePlus able to show a worthy solution to this problem, but Samsung was not? The second-generation fingerprint scanner in phones like the Huawei P30 Pro and OnePlus 7 Pro is significantly superior to the version found in the Galaxy Note 10+. This has become a big barrier between the user and the device.

It should also be noted that the user used Notewith protective film included in delivery. The technology may work better when you peel off the screen protector, but it really did not want to risk scratching the screen. Plus to all the other phones that were mentioned above, the user also used a protective film on the top of the screen, and they worked much better. Still, the fingerprint scanner on the Note 10+ is too inaccurate.

That's not all. There are other disadvantages in the phone that forced the user to return the Galaxy Note 10+. Here is what he still notes.

Since the display occupies almost the entire frontpart of the phone, accidental touches are quite common, especially if you use the phone without a case. The user used the phone with Samsung leather case most of the time, it provides better user experience and helps avoid phantom touches. But if you use your phone without a case, you'll constantly end up accidentally encountering various unnecessary touches that you didn't intend to make. This is of course very annoying.

Samsung has significantly improved its interface inlately, but even this new user interface doesn’t work as smoothly as a OnePlus phone with a 90 Hz display or even a Google Pixel. Instead of smooth transitions, you get weird, choppy animations, and it all feels like a stutter and doesn't look very elegant. Although the entire interface is now faster, it still looks rather unstable. After using Note 10+ for a couple of weeks, the client returned to OnePlus 5, and it was much more pleasant to interact with him, although he was already almost two years old.

The user also did not like the absenceheadphones. Wireless headphones are good, but they are also another gadget that you need to charge on a daily basis, and sometimes having a good old wired headset is just more convenient, especially when you're on the go.

Last but not least, the Galaxy Note 10+ was too big. Carrying it in your pocket is simply inconvenient because of the sharp corners. It’s impossible to tie shoelaces on your shoes when you have a phone in your pocket.

Despite the abundance of cons, there are several thingswhich he would note: a magnificent display, an excellent camera, a good battery life (still not as good as on the Huawei P30 Pro or OnePlus 7 Pro), a beautiful phone style, a lot of internal memory. But still, the user decided to return the smartphone.