Review of the smartphone Sony Xperia 10 Plus: a powerful camera phone?

The Japanese company Sony has always been associated with advanced electronic

technology, if Sony appliances appeared at home, it meant that the owner knewIn the coming year, Sony Mobile introduced a whole line of smartphones of four models.While people are waiting for powerful flagships, it is worth taking a look at the middle segmentAnd the regular ten differs not only in size: in the Plus version, an additional camera module is not just an auxiliary for better drawing of background blur, it also has optics with double magnification (2x zoom).

Photo opportunities

Of course, with such a smartphone the most importantThe camera is a component, although the performance is pretty good, in any case, the games will pull all the existing ones. So, 10 Plus received a dual module of the main camera, which is no longer surprising, but here the quality of the sensors themselves is important. And something Sony does excellent sensors. The main module is 12 megapixels with a sensor size equivalent to 27 millimeters. The lens here is wide-angle, two-tone flash, there is a fast autofocus. The second module is 8 megapixels with a quarter-inch sensor (comparable to 53 millimeters). There is autofocus, optical zoom, as well as depth pumping with data for accurate blur of the backdrop. Selfie camera with 8 megapixel sensor produced by its own, that is, the quality is much better than its competitors.

Quality of shooting

With a rigid fixation apparatus when shootingthe detailing is much higher, due to the lack of a stabilization system in optics (only digital). The software works separately with each module, without combining data from two lenses. So, only one camera processed the zoom image, not the main one, and the quality turned out with overexposure. Perhaps in the future, the software will constantly collect data from all modules, and create a high-quality hybrid. The white balance is at the height, the color rendition is close to the natural one.

Blurring the background is fine, softwareEnsuring correctly grabs the object, and separates it from the background. And it is felt that all the cameras of the smartphone are sharpened on the quality of the bokeh. With artificial lighting, there was no strong deterioration in the quality of images, but the device clearly lacks optical stabilization, the digital one does not cope. From the hands of photographing is not very, detail sags. Panorama smartphone does not do very quickly, and not very well smoothes overexposure. With all the invisibility of gluing, it is noticeable. The lack of stabilization, by the way, greatly affects the shooting in low light. The color rendition is excellent, but the detailing falls sharply, you need a tripod for high-quality images. The front camera seems to be sharpened for a long selfie stick.


The basis of the hardware stuffing 10 Plus isThe 8-core Snapdragon 636 processor from Qualcomm, the Adreno 509 accelerator is responsible for the graphics, 4 GB of RAM, and 64 GB of internal eMMC memory are installed onboard, there is support for 512 GB microSDXC cards. This bundle is enough for all everyday tasks and applications, and for most of the most resource-intensive games. Autonomy provides a 3000 mAh battery, there is a fast charge. The front panel is completely closed by the fifth generation Gorilla Glass, the smartphone is running Android Pie, the device weighs 180 grams with a case thickness of 8.3 millimeters.

What is the result

Model 10 Plus, without a doubt - isdefining for the company. In this smartphone, Sony tried new ideas, including a dual camera module. Of course, with the announcement of smartphones with four modules or more, this is not too impressive, but for conservative Japanese, this is enough. In general, the model turned out to be a high-quality and strong middle peasant. The case is really practical - matte high-quality plastic. The glossy glass, of course, looks bohemian, but they all hide in armor-piercing covers on the very first day, and the smartphones themselves are no longer visible.

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