Reviews of Xiaomi Airdots Pro headphones

The Xiaomi Airdots Pro wireless headphones have proven to be a very successful model. The company succeeded almost completely

reflect the concept of Apple Airpods in its newproduct. But any presentation will look perfect until it reaches real users. In this article, we decided to collect all the reviews about Airdots Pro from real users who managed to test the headphones and form an opinion. Many users study reviews and collect information about the product before purchasing. And this is the right approach! Let's begin!

Airdots Pro Reviews

Every user review anywaysubjective, especially when it comes to sound. However, to understand a good sound, headphones give out or not, not so difficult. In addition, there are parameters such as usability and stability of the compound, which will not go anywhere.

Review №1

Today I finally received the Airdots Pro, I ordered iton Ali. There is simply no experience using wireless headphones. Let's start with the way they fit: you barely feel them while wearing them, and that's very cool! Of the minuses, I would note the not very comfortable fit; I went through all the ear pads from the kit, but could not find the ideal fit.

I was satisfied with the sound.If I describe the whole picture of the sound, for me — There is too much high frequencies, not enough bass. Maybe, of course, I haven’t learned how to place the headphones in my ear quite correctly, I’ll experiment some more! The volume is more than enough, I can listen at 70%, that’s enough!

I read reviews online, many people write that headphonesvery big. Well, yes, they are more than AirPods, but you do not forget about the price for which you bought them. And it is 3-4 times lower! For me personally, it is not critical, I did not pay attention to it at all.

The noise reduction works, in the subway, for example, this is especially noticeable! I will definitely use this function, the sound with it seemed cleaner or something… In terms of autonomy, everything is cool!

Touch control is excellent, everything worksfast, immediate response. Someone complains about random activations, in 2 days of use there were no such cases, maybe I was lucky, I don’t know!) In general, Airdots Pro are cool, the best for this price!

Review number 2

I use headphones for 5 days already, they are top,I'll tell you! No connection dumps, even more than 10 meters from the phone, the sound does not disappear! I'm certainly not a music lover, but I liked the sound! Clear sound, enough bass, even shakes! I will note the microphone. I thought it would be worse when talking, but no, the interlocutor hears me perfectly, as I do! Quickly connect to the phone, opened the case cover and the connection is already established! Kayf!

Review number 3

Compared to Airpods, Airdots Pro is not for melet's go, that's fair! They are larger in size, including the case. The downside for me personally is that they are ducted! I don’t like complete isolation from the outside world, it’s sometimes annoying! I still don’t like the microphone, I have to strain and talk louder.

Review №4

I actively use headphones from Apple, and I haveWhat to compare with. The first thing I want to start with is — this is a case. Airdots Pro has a matte finish that is pleasant to the touch! This is, of course, a plus. No fingerprints or scratches like the glossy one from Apple. True, the Xiaomi case is a full centimeter thicker and 10 grams heavier. The case can be opened with one hand without any problems. Click and access to the headphones is open!

The charging indicator on Airdots Pro is not well thought out,just one diode without levels. But there is an indication on the headphones themselves. There is noise cancellation, but it works poorly. The «Wow» effect It didn’t happen for me, but I wasn’t upset, it’s a dubious trick in my opinion. It's great that there is an infrared sensor in the headphones. It's comfortable! He took the headphones out of his ear and the music paused.

By the way, headphones from Xiaomi have autonomyturned out to be lower than that of Airpods. One charge of the Airdots headphones lasted me 3 hours of music, while the Apple headphones lasted about 4 hours! If we take the overall autonomy together with the case, then the difference is almost 2 times in favor of «Apple»!

The sound is not bad, but not cool. I would appreciate it at 4 with a slight minus, could and better sound. There is a sound delay in games, but it is minimal, as on AirPods approximately, I don’t pay any attention.

Review №5

I use headphones for more than a week and I’m readyshare feedback about their work. Quality liked! Matte plastic is very pleasant to the touch. It is made from both the case and the headphones themselves. Cool done, that even if you get the headphones one by one, then it hooks up to the smartphone without any problems! The sound is good, not the best of course, but we all need to understand what to expect from the headset for $ 60.

I was disappointed that I couldn't record voices.messages (to Whatsapp or Viber) from the Airdots Pro microphone. That would be very convenient! The battery life is not top-notch, but it’s enough for me; I charged the case twice during the week. I listen to music quite often, but not for long. Well, the last minus is Bluetooth 4.2, why the fifth version? It looks like marketing tricks again!

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