RimWorld Coming to Consoles July 29th

Rim World is a life simulator in a space colony that has existed only on PC for many years. But now she's come

conquer consoles - initially, a computer game will go to new platforms in a month.

The port is handled by a second studio Double Eleven. According to her, RimWorld Console Edition will lag behind in updates and additions from the PC. The console version required significant changes to the interface, so to cover the most up-to-date amendments from the original in a reasonable amount of time.

As a result, an earlier version starts on consoles Rim World and so far only one of the two gameplay DLCs will appear - Royalty. It will be sold separately. Console mods don't seem to make it, but Double Eleven considers some extensions to the customization options. They plan to catch up with the PC version with patches after the release console editionwhen feedback on the current port variant begins to appear.

Rim World Console Editor coming out July 29th PS4 and xbox one. Backward compatible with PS5 Yes Xbox Series there is, but there will be no improved “native” versions. Edition owners Digital Deluxe will receive DLC Royalty and will be able to three days earlier - from July 26.