Riot Games has opened a division to create story-based games based on League of Legends

In mid-October, Riot Games celebrated its tenth anniversary by announcing five projects at once. This is a company

has not stopped and is already preparing to expand the League of Legends universe with story-based games.

What is known

The company opened a Riot Forge division,which will publish story-based games based on the LoL universe. Moreover, the development will be handed over to third-party developers, which may alarm fans. The company's approach also raises questions. Riot plans to make indie projects and not aim at AAA.

"Forge games will be classified as indie -We don't plan to create huge AAA projects. We want to focus on a bespoke and finished experience of the highest quality. We hope League fans will appreciate them,” said Lynn Lumb, head of Riot Forge.

Riot Forge will at least give away developmentto third-party studios, but plans to help teams. The company will support developers with information about the world of LoL in order to avoid deviations from the canon, and will also take care of marketing, localization, and more.

The projects themselves will be released on differentplatforms including consoles, smartphones and personal computers. At the same time, some games will only appear on specific platforms for which they are best suited.

The first game to come out from under Riot's wingForge will be shown at The Game Awards 2019, on the night of December 12th-13th. So far, the company has decided not to tell who it plans to work with, and the projects themselves are at an early stage of development.

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